3L Party Keg 3L派對手工啤酒桶


直徑 Diameter: 14.1cm

高度 Height: 27.8cm


* 圖片只供參考,手動泵及生啤機不包括在內
* 酒款會隨機添上當月最新鮮的生啤
* 啤酒桶必須配合手動泵或專用生啤機使用
* 啤酒桶應長期冷藏於 1-4°C家用雪櫃
* 啤酒桶不能重用

* Photos are for reference only, hand pump / keg stand not included
* The keg will fill with the latest & freshest beer
* The keg must be used with hand pump / keg stand
* The keg should be refrigerated at 1-4°C
* The keg cannot be reused


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